See you later alligator

Taking a short break from blogging until mid June due to A Level commitments although I will still be posting on Instagram (I have an Instagram addiction). But don't think I won't have anything to post about when I get back... There's a few things that I have to say that may interest you... Ciao



I love pancakes. Whether it's American pancakes or crêpes they are one of my favourite foods. Today I found myself craving pancakes but I had no blueberries (I usually have blueberries in my pancakes) and no milk. Now milk is a rather essential part of a pancake recipe so I thought that I wouldn't be … Continue reading Pancakes


Hello... It's me..... I was wondering if after all these days you still read my blog posts.   Hello! Sorry I haven't posted in a while- I've discovered this new thing; it's called revising. Many of you guys probably know about it already but it is new to the world of Phoebe as she is … Continue reading Hello