Prom Dress Shopping

So yesterday I went prom dress shopping.

Firstly I can not express how difficult it is to find ‘the dress’. We went to about 5 or 6 different stores before finding something.

Secondly the price. The price of prom dresses are ridiculous! I found a dress that was perfect. I loved it. That was until I looked at the price tag. £550?!? Ridiculous! I’m only going to wear the dress once and it’s wasn’t even that good quality. That brings me to my next point- quality.

The quality of most of the dresses were terrible. The netting of the skirt parts always gets caught on the sequens and diamonds which rips it and then there’s the stitching. The stitching on a lot of the dresses were coming undone.

So now I have two options; look for dresses in another city or I will have to….look online *gasp*. Yes the dreaded online shop for prom dresses. We have all heard the horror stories of dresses turning up as the wrong design, colour and/or size or not turning up at all. Unfortunately I may just have to risk it *sigh*.



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