Knitting Easter Eggs?

Easter is tomoworrow and I wanted to make something festive for my little cousin. So I decided to knit an Easter egg.

To make a woollen Easter egg you will need:

x2 Knitting needles (I used size 4.5)

x1 Ball of Wool

x1 thick needle with a big enough hole to fit wool through.

Stuffing or lots of tissues



Step One:

Find the end of the wool and go about 20cm along.

Step Two:

Create a loop by wrapping the part of the wool at the 20cm mark twice around your index finger.

Step Three:

Pull the line of wool nearest to you over the one furthest and off your finger.

Step Four:

Pull the loop tight then put it on one of the knitting needles.


Step Five:

Get the shortest bit of wool.


Wrap it around you finger once as shown in the picture below.


Then slide the needle underneath the bit of wool above/on your finger.

Step Six:

Remember the other bit of wool? The one attached to the ball of wool? Well you have to wrap that around the needle once and pull the loop (not the original loop!) over it.



Repeat this (don’t repeat creating the original loop) until you have 12 stitches (loops) altogether.

Step Seven:

Get your other needle then slide it through the right-bottom of the first loop.


Then wrap the long piece of wool (the one attached to the ball of wool) around the needle without the loops…


…. pull the needle through towards you with the loop thing you just created so that it should look like this:


Step Eight:

Push the loop to the right of your top needle off the bottom needle.


Continue to do this until the end of the line.

Step Nine:

Now you are going to add on a few stiches.

This clip show you how to add stiches-

The video should also show you how to decrease stiches- you’ll need to remember that bit for later.

Add one stitch to each end of the line (doing normal stitches in between). Then do a normal line (without adding stitches) and then do a line where you add stiches to each end. Repeat this until you get to 30 stitches.

Step Ten:

When you get to 30 stitches, do around 3 normal lines and then begin decreasing stiches-two at each end- then do two normal lines. Repeat this until you get to 12 stitches.

At this part you may be thinking ‘I give up.’ But keep at it!

Step Eleven:

When you get to twelve stiches you must start decreasing more rapidly.

Knit two together until you are left with 3, then you will knit those 3 together to get 1.

Step Twelve:

When you get to 1, cut the wool and thread it through the loop, pulling it tight.

There! You are half way a third of the way through! I know how you may be feeling but just continue to stick at it!

Now that you have made the back of the egg you must make the front so make doing the exact same thing as last time.

Step Thirteen:

Sew the two egg halves together around the edges back to back but make sure you leave a little gap/ hole.

Step Fourteen:

Turn the egg inside out- you may need to stretch it into egg shape a bit.

Step Fifteen:

Put stuffing into the egg or tear up bits of clean tissue and put it in.

Step Sixteen:

Sew up the rest of the egg. Stretch it into more of and egg shape and you are done!

Congratz! You have made your Easter egg !






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