Catch up…

First off, I am so sorry for not posting in almost a year!

Let me just get you caught up on everything…

May/June 2016

I sat my entrance exams for College X (the boarding school that shall not be named) and then I went on early study leave from my old school. Then I completed my GCSEs and then we moved slightly further up north to Place C.

I had my 16th birthday towards the end of June which involved furniture shopping (feat. my brother and I complaining and asking when we could go home) and a mini tea party.

July/August 2016

In July-ish I signed up for NCS and then went to the Isle of Wight for Week 1 of my 4 week course with NCS. In the Isle of Wight we did water sports and team building exercises. My team and I (team 10 a.k.a TEAM JON) went kayaking, sailing and paddle boarding in that one week. The people I met on NCS were strangers at first but within two days we were all really great friends joking with each other and supporting each other through every activity particularly Team 10. Our team leader nicknamed my Captain Jack Sparrow because my boat was the fastest in the group in sailing and I caught up to the safety boat that was supposed to be quite far ahead of us. I caught up so often that he gave up trying to get further ahead of me and we just had a conversation about travelling whilst waiting for everyone else to catch up. I also got that name because of my ‘general Jack Sparrow approach.’ But that nickname was just the beginning… (to be continued in a future post…).

In the week 2, Team 10 and I went to the Forest of Dean where we met some new teams. Unfortunately, the place we stayed at was run by a woman who was very traditional and got annoyed at us if we made too much noise or used the plugs to charge our phones too much so we left early and went to a Christian Camp where the people were a lot nicer and we had a lot more fun.

Week 3 and 4 involved fundraising for a local charity during which we stopped two families from being evicted from their houses and raised enough money for a local charity for them to buy a large shed.

September – December 2016

I will talk about what happened in these months in a separate blog.

January/ February 2017

Nothing much to report in these months; I’m into my seventh month at College X and its good- lots of work and stress but otherwise good.

You can check out pics and stuff of the past year on my Instagram


One thought on “Catch up…

  1. PhoebeCharlotte26 says:

    I literally can’t remember what I was going to say about September – December 2016. Sorry guys. I was probably going to rant about something so maybe it’s better that I don’t remember what I was going to write.


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