NCS Nicknames

I promised I’d tell you guys about the NCS nicknames so here we go:

Warning: Some of these are quite rude….



So in the third week, a guy from team 10 and I went to get ice cream. He didn’t want any so I bought one and then the ice cream guy said “Does your Dad want one?” and then followed with “You must be very proud of your daughter for helping out at the marathon (Team 10 and I had just finished volunteering at a local marathon). The guy I was with didn’t say anything except shake his head when the ice cream guy asked him if he wanted one. I found it absolutely hilarious and he was just completely mortified so I posted it on our Team’s group chat and the other guys in the group changed his name to Padre.


One guy went to Scotland for the week and missed Week 3.


I got this nickname for mothering the group all the time; making sure that they turned up on time to meetings and generally keeping them in check.

Child Prodigy

This one was given to a guy in our team because he was exceptionally clever and made it known.

“Oooh lovely” 

Before being known as Child Prodigy, this was his nickname.

The Enthusiast 

You know that guy that never shows any enthusiasm towards anything but when he does it’s usually negative? Yeah we had one of those in our team. But it’s cool, he’s chill.

“Don’t touch my hair” 

He was very fussy about his hair and didn’t like anyone touching it.

Gossip Girl 

“Don’t touch my hair” was also known as Gossip Girl because he gossiped about everything.

Costa Boy

Whilst starving in the middle of nowhere, roasting in the boiling sun, handing out water that we weren’t to drink at the marathon, one person from our group turned up to the meeting point in the city late so he got to go with another group whose base was outside Costa (a coffee shop chain). He even had the nerve to take a selfie in the air conditioned cafe with a drink and food and send it to all of us…

Bananaman (omnomnomnom) 

Basically, throughout week 1 and 2, the team played cheat and whoever lost had to do a forfeit. These forfeits were hilarious but only one resulted in a nickname.

One guy had to sit next a team leader at breakfast and suck a banana. And he actually did it- it was hilarious. The team leader was looking at him like he was nuts which he was for doing that so publicly. The rest of the team sat and watched in hysterics.

Style Icon

Scotsman lost at a game of cheat and had to go to breakfast dressed in whatever people wanted to dress him in. Lets just say the items he had to wear weren’t your everyday attire.

Pokémon Enthusiast 

Padre was also known as this nickname because of his obsession with Pokémon (this was during the Pokémon go craze).

Rich Guy

He went to a private school (which is ironically the same one I now go to) and often made quite snobbish remarks. Also, the name wasn’t guy but I don’t think I can post explicit words. He’s actually an alright guy though.


Thanks rich guy…

Childish Peasant 

Rich Guy gave me this nickname because I was often acting childish if I wasn’t being motherly.

Group chat name: Rich Guy and the Peasants

Rich Guy changed the name of the group to this one…


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