Just watched

I have just finished: 

Black Mirror:



This show is literally so good! I skipped straight to season 3 and it is probably one of the best shows I have ever watched although, each episode could have been a lot shorter hence why I’ve only given it a 4.

The show is about a dystopian world with each episode telling a new story. For example, one is about soldiers and another is about a computer game.




Loved it! I couldn’t stop watching it. Would definitely recommend it. But it lost half a point because the last few episodes did drag on a little. I get that they had to explain his downfall and how it affected him but they didn’t have to take like two episodes to explain it.

This show is basically the origin story of Pablo Escobar and how he came to be one of the most notorious drug lords in the world and how he died.




Also very good!

This show is about Legion, the son of Professor Xavier and how he believes that his powers of telepathy and telekinesis is schizophrenia. The imagery is absolutely amazing and the show never gets dull, it is addictive.

Plus it has that guy from Downtown Abbey in it but damn does he look different!

Walking Dead:



I am really disappointed with this season of Walking Dead. It was literally so boring. The whole way through they were getting ready for the fight with Neagan and we were like yeah its about to go down….

….any episode now….

*12 episodes later*


*3 episodes later*

FINALLY! Wait what? Neagan doesn’t get killed and he has another army?! What a waste of time! Also, there is no way that tiger knew who to kill and when!

They literally took 16 episodes to show a few people dying and unbelieveable relationships happening. Boring. Although, with that said…GLEN!!! NO!!! NOT GLENN!!! ANYONE BUT GLENN!!!


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