Catch up…

First off, I am so sorry for not posting in almost a year! Let me just get you caught up on everything... May/June 2016 I sat my entrance exams for College X (the boarding school that shall not be named) and then I went on early study leave from my old school. Then I completed … Continue reading Catch up…



Hello... It's me..... I was wondering if after all these days you still read my blog posts.   Hello! Sorry I haven't posted in a while- I've discovered this new thing; it's called revising. Many of you guys probably know about it already but it is new to the world of Phoebe as she is … Continue reading Hello


So as you know, if you have read my past posts, my best friend enniehow has been playing a few pranks on me. I have been desperate to find a way to get revenge and I have finally found it.  All I can say is I went to TGI Friday's yesterday and got myself a … Continue reading RevengeĀ 


Prom Dress Shopping

So yesterday I went prom dress shopping. Firstly I can not express how difficult it is to find 'the dress'. We went to about 5 or 6 different stores before finding something. Secondly the price. The price of prom dresses are ridiculous! I found a dress that was perfect. I loved it. That was until … Continue reading Prom Dress Shopping